Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Semana 2 in CCM

Wow This week flew by so fast! Today we visited the temple and later we get to leave the CCM and go to the market. When I step outside the CCM gates I always feel a bit weird haha we spend so much time in here. In other news...I got called to be the Zone leader for the next 4 weeks! So that puts me pretty much in charge of helping everyone I can and setting an example to the other Elders and Hermanas here in the CCM. We had tons of classes this week on teaching and Spanish.  On Sunday we had some amazing firesides from the mission President Cox and the Mission president from the area. 

Okay so funny story my companion Elder Aldous and I were teaching our teacher a lesson on the restoration and his profile was a blind man! he is the funniest guy. SO we go up to knock at the door and see him through the window gazing out even though he was blind wearing this bucket hat and a tracksuit over his tie with white frame sunglasses and bright blue polarized sunglasses! it was so funny we both started laughing as he hobbled over to the door.  We composed ourselves and once we got inside we started to teach him how to pray and to kneel. Anyway my companion and I forgot how to say in Spanish "bow your head" so we basically told him in I'm sure horrible Spanish to "look at the ground with your head", so Hermano Noack puts his hands behind his back, kneels down, and puts his face on the ground asking us if he was doing it right!  hahaha omigosh we laughed so hard and tried to keep quiet but it was so funny. 

In another lesson we taught him he played a different role my companion and I had not prepared for. We taught him the restoration and the importance of the priesthood. The spirit was so strong during the lesson as we taught and testified I'll never forget that experience. I'm trying my best to take advantage of the opportunity I have in the MTC here to prepare. oh and the Spanish is going really well I just try to focus on speaking outside the classroom with the Latinos. I'm excited to be the new Zone leader for the rest of our stay here in the CCM and try to help my companions succeed. Love you all.

Love Elder Tobar

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