Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Out for 2 months!

Wow, time is going by so fast, this week was a blur. We had zone meeting this week that was cool. We spent most of the week visiting with contacts and members, most days in the rain. It rained so much this week it was nuts.
We have a baptism this week on Saturday! Fatima, we've been teaching her for three weeks now. Her parents are inactive but we got the whole family to an activity on Saturday. The Rama had an activity celebrating the first members in the rama. It was a lot of fun, the members are so funny. People are just so different here, I like it. We have been focusing a lot on getting the members involved in the work. There are so many less active and inactive members that we don't have time to visit them all. They need to feel the love and fellowship of the members! We got the bishop to start the rama reading the Book of Mormon together starting next Sunday with one of those chapter coloring sheets.

Mondays are awesome. Last week we played futbol with some other elders and the kids in the area, it rained so hard on us.

Next week we are hiking Mt. Chigo. It's an inactive volcano on the other end of my area. I'll be sacrificing my writing time next week because we need to go early in morning but I'll send pictures. I've wanted to hike it since I got to my area and the branch president's sons is going to take us and a few other people.

Love you all, till next time,
Elder Tobar

Monday, July 6, 2015

Walkin' in the rain!

I don't have a ton of time but this week went by so quickly! We went to San Salvador on Tuesday for some immigration stuff which was fun. All my CCM friends came with us so it was super cool to catch up with them and hear their stories after a week in the field. I'm starting to really get to know the area and the people. It's so hot and humid and I've never walked so much in my life but it's so beautiful here and the people are so humble. There is fruit everywhere and a ton of fruit that you can find in the states. Oh man, the mangos!! We always look for ripe ones in the trees, then throw rocks to knock them down haha it's pretty funny. They taste sooo good. Talpas are pretty great too.

Sundays mornings are pretty crazy. Every morning before church we run around (sometimes literally) tracking down our investigators to get them to church!  One girl Fatima who is going to get baptized this month lives in the middle of a huge cane field and is too young to walk to church so we have to get her before and drop her off after. But she is so sweet.

One last story, last night we were in our last appointment and it started to pour! It was the biggest thunderstorm I have ever seen in my life. We tried waiting a little but it didn't let up at all. We had to get home so we walked 40 minutes in the downpour. I thought we were going to get struck by lightning hahaha it was crazy. Love you all.

Elder Tobar