Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Semana 2 in CCM

Wow This week flew by so fast! Today we visited the temple and later we get to leave the CCM and go to the market. When I step outside the CCM gates I always feel a bit weird haha we spend so much time in here. In other news...I got called to be the Zone leader for the next 4 weeks! So that puts me pretty much in charge of helping everyone I can and setting an example to the other Elders and Hermanas here in the CCM. We had tons of classes this week on teaching and Spanish.  On Sunday we had some amazing firesides from the mission President Cox and the Mission president from the area. 

Okay so funny story my companion Elder Aldous and I were teaching our teacher a lesson on the restoration and his profile was a blind man! he is the funniest guy. SO we go up to knock at the door and see him through the window gazing out even though he was blind wearing this bucket hat and a tracksuit over his tie with white frame sunglasses and bright blue polarized sunglasses! it was so funny we both started laughing as he hobbled over to the door.  We composed ourselves and once we got inside we started to teach him how to pray and to kneel. Anyway my companion and I forgot how to say in Spanish "bow your head" so we basically told him in I'm sure horrible Spanish to "look at the ground with your head", so Hermano Noack puts his hands behind his back, kneels down, and puts his face on the ground asking us if he was doing it right!  hahaha omigosh we laughed so hard and tried to keep quiet but it was so funny. 

In another lesson we taught him he played a different role my companion and I had not prepared for. We taught him the restoration and the importance of the priesthood. The spirit was so strong during the lesson as we taught and testified I'll never forget that experience. I'm trying my best to take advantage of the opportunity I have in the MTC here to prepare. oh and the Spanish is going really well I just try to focus on speaking outside the classroom with the Latinos. I'm excited to be the new Zone leader for the rest of our stay here in the CCM and try to help my companions succeed. Love you all.

Love Elder Tobar

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

HOLA! Semana 1 en la CCM

I Made it everyone! I feel like I live in a classrooom now. I love the launguage though and the work. I feel so blessed to have this time to devote myself to stucing the gospel 24-7 Ive learned so much already. The MTC expereance is something else! Its beauticful here in the heart of Guatemala city. I love the mtc president cox and my teachers! they are all so funny and filled with the spirit. We have
some crazy amaziong firesides and lessons. I along with 4 other Norte Americano Compeneros are the only white people here! We are surrounded by the Latios! I am the TALLEST person in the whole MTC. I love them they are so fun loving and helpful with the launguage. We are only allwoed to speak spanish at the MTC here so its always a fun challenge to communitcate with them. We play alot of volleyball eveyday during sports and every time it has rained. And im not talking sprinkled...it pours! I love it though i already have had so many stories and experiances it is amazing today we went to the temple which was very cool the temple is very small. They feed us crazy well! I only have four minutes left but i love you all like crazy. i think about you all and will keep you in my prayers.

With love from Guatemala, Elder Tobar.

ps. funny story my comps name is Elder Aldous here in the mtc and i actually met him in alanta! I just saw this young white kid sticking out like a sore thumb so i went up to him haha now hes my comp in the mtc crazy the lord works in amazing ways.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Last Beach Run!

One last visit to Jax Beach before I'm set apart, ready to share the good word!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hi everyone! Welcome to my little space on the internet! I made this blog so I could keep you all up to date on my mission adventures and experiences and pictures. My wonderful parents will post my weekly emails here and help keep everything updated. I also wanted a place that people could come look for my current address with out a lot of hassle! So write me! My email is on the side bar too obviously. This Tuesday 12th, 2015 I'll be flying out to the MTC In Guatemala City. Im so excited and cant wait to get started there. I will be in the MTC for 8 weeks. If you were so inclined to write me while in the MTC (i would love you forever) the address is:

Elder Tad Tobar
El Salvador Santa Ana Mission
Guatemala Missionary Training Center
Bulevar Vista Hermosa 23-71
Vista Hermosa I, Zona 15
01015 Guatemala City

(*No packages are accepted to the Guatemala MTC.) I love you all so much and will try my best to write you all. Thank you to all my family, friends, and church leaders who helped me to get to where I am today. I love you guys!