Tuesday, May 19, 2015

HOLA! Semana 1 en la CCM

I Made it everyone! I feel like I live in a classrooom now. I love the launguage though and the work. I feel so blessed to have this time to devote myself to stucing the gospel 24-7 Ive learned so much already. The MTC expereance is something else! Its beauticful here in the heart of Guatemala city. I love the mtc president cox and my teachers! they are all so funny and filled with the spirit. We have
some crazy amaziong firesides and lessons. I along with 4 other Norte Americano Compeneros are the only white people here! We are surrounded by the Latios! I am the TALLEST person in the whole MTC. I love them they are so fun loving and helpful with the launguage. We are only allwoed to speak spanish at the MTC here so its always a fun challenge to communitcate with them. We play alot of volleyball eveyday during sports and every time it has rained. And im not talking sprinkled...it pours! I love it though i already have had so many stories and experiances it is amazing today we went to the temple which was very cool the temple is very small. They feed us crazy well! I only have four minutes left but i love you all like crazy. i think about you all and will keep you in my prayers.

With love from Guatemala, Elder Tobar.

ps. funny story my comps name is Elder Aldous here in the mtc and i actually met him in alanta! I just saw this young white kid sticking out like a sore thumb so i went up to him haha now hes my comp in the mtc crazy the lord works in amazing ways.

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