Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Semana 3

This week has flown by. The old group of Latinos left and we got a new group come in on Wednesday. Which makes us top dogs on campus now. We get so many questions on how everything is down and they all look to us for a example to follow. I love the Latinos here and the teachers. My favorite day is by far Sunday. We get to have a lot of awesome lessons and devotionals from the Presidents and broadcasts. They know so much and are so full of life, I love hearing from them. I love getting to visit the temple every week and love my District.  Can't wait to get in the field but I'm learning a lot while I'm here.  Ask me questions about what you want to hear about and keep me posted on all the news.

Elder Tobar

hahaha so if you're wondering why my hair is so short...they buzz everyone's hair here every two weeks. no joke he took max 1 min on it.

Guatemala City MTC, 02 June 2015 

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